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    Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ Recently, a friend of mine got into CSS. After helping and advising her through Whatsapp, I had the idea of creating a CSS "hotline": a chat where you can ask for help with your HTML/CSS code. With CSS Reparo, you can contact a developer (me) through a simple chat and ask him : - help to fix a bug in your project - to develop of a HTML/CSS feature - ask questions about web development in general - talk to him by videoconference Today, there are AI tools everywhere, and it is very practical. But I think that being able to ask for help from a human is also very important. That's what I'm trying to highlight with this product. Hope you will enjoy it !

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Struggling with a mysterious CSS bug ? Need a quick help from a developer ? With CSS Reparo, you can chat with a developer and ask him help to fix a bug in your project or to develop the CSS feature you need.

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