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The best platform for Indiehackers to build publicly and share their journey
By @codestirring
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task list

By @b1ndddd

Tweet Tribe

Curated Lists and Actions to help you build an Engaged following and interact with your audience.

By @Jamaruuuu

nice ice

Gather feedback from your users with one line of code
By @codestirring
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Breathing exercises to help you calm down, focus and concentrate in less than 120 seconds

By @thirtyoddsomeone


The big vision is to become Strava for strength sports. The first iteration will be a workout log.
By @Sgoettschkes


The personal finance simulator you've been waiting for.
By @knolan
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Simple, hands-on experimental optimization
By @phinance99

Notion Landing Page Template

Build a simple and functional landing page for your business using Notion.
By @Goutham

Shiny Enigma

Mathematically rigorous social reasoning

By @ryanhiebert


Track your macros, weight, cardio, and diet adherence. Ditch the spreadsheets.
By @elsiealkurabi
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Build calculators for your website and interactive tools for your team.
By @leroy
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Product showcase for software developers
By @jellycorn
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Visual Fonts / Infoji

Sensible, offline image libraries embedded in fonts
By @jkwchui


10ร— your Youtube watching experience with a personalized home page.
By @Amine Aouragh
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Manage cognitive load of your team through one pagers
By @vineet.dixit