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task list

By @b1ndddd


A searchable database of SAAS affiliate programs.
By @iamthomastran

SaaS Metrics + Calculators

Simple definitions and calculators to get your head around SaaS and its growth metrics ๐Ÿ“ˆ
By @Goutham

Tweet Tribe

Curated Lists and Actions to help you build an Engaged following and interact with your audience.

By @Jamaruuuu

Financial Model Template

A simple and powerful business and financial modelling template for indie makers & startups
By @Goutham


No code platform to build enterprise business applications
By @konfeeg
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Product Management Templates

Simple and easy-to-use product management and mental models templates
By @Goutham

Stylized is the virtual product photography studio for ecommerce sellers
By @kumquatexpress
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Turn your Podcast episodes into a premium reading experience.
By @cblavier
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Enterprise Search and Automation for Customer Experience teams
By @titansaurabh

Product Cell

The best of Product Hunt in a life calendar
By @Sergey Potikhanov

nice ice

Gather feedback from your users with one line of code
By @codestirring
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Breathing exercises to help you calm down, focus and concentrate in less than 120 seconds

By @thirtyoddsomeone

Shiny Enigma

Mathematically rigorous social reasoning

By @ryanhiebert


Screenshots and mockups in no time
By @rishi


The personal finance simulator you've been waiting for.
By @knolan
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