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Better explainer image

I have changed he front page explainer image - eventually this will be a real command palette soon.

Searchable documentation

Working on the new help docs search Figma design

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New battle plan

My plan to build backfired when I chose the wrong no-code tool. I have spent the past month and a half playing with I practiced by working on a template of ProductHunt and I ended up creating a functional replica (which was so satisfying). I understand the fundamentals of the tool so now I can build an app from scratch on my own without sacrificing any key features. As always, I will document the journey here. Right now the next step is to formulate a new list of tasks. For me, it's the easiest way to get things done.

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I want to tell you more, but...

There's so much interesting explanation I want to start getting out into the world. But I don't think the name Shiny Enigma is the right name to build a brand around. It was auto-generated by GitHub when I created the repository, and I just kinda built a temporary brand around it. But now I feel stuck, unable to write about it, because this isn't the name to share with people, isn't the brand to build up, isn't the domain to buy and point people to.

Title to Twitter Share

Added title ahead of link for twitter shares off of the feeds

Live Tracking View

View liv e tracking on website:

Provide last update date and time. Format for homepage

Build In Public Tracker Admin updated with correct sort order.

Podcast "Type" Update

What would it be if everything went smoothly. Added more podcast types to submission form.

Blog Phase 1 Push

Twitter feed for Education bloggers established

Blog Phase 2 Publish

Remodeled Blog listings model. Formatting and additional functionality coming soon!

We listened, added a news share feature on the feeds so you can share an article you like to your twitter feed.

Registration Add

Published registration process and all workflows are scaffolded and active

3 strikes logging in and you are out for 20 minutes.

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Intelligent suggestions

We have started to layer in suggestions that augment individual and team effectiveness, improve well-being, productivity and performance. Dre will continually assess the progress of tasks for individuals, the collaboration between people, and opportunities for teammates to connect or help each other out. #dre #hrtech #collaboration #productivity #team

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Just working on improving the site's SEO. What a pain ๐Ÿ™„

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Daily recaps

Today we go live with our series of engagement emails. These include a daily recap, mentions, and activities or comments. Feedback from our users has been that they don't want to miss a beat. So we wanted to make sure that they received the notifications about the activity they are involved in. Some people like the in-app notifications only so we also allow users to turn off email outreach as an option :)

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Experiment on low Keyword Difficulty (KD) keywords

I just researched a handful of low KD keywords and yet with high search volume in the US, like HVAC logo, Pokemon logo, Y2K logo. These keywords are lower than 4 KD and more than 2k/mth searches. I wonder how soon we can have some organic traffic on these keywords if we start to create backlinks on our blog, creating logo categories for them like Let's see, will keep you guys posted.

List The Tool

Completed a feature to list equipment

Created project and added feature list.