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Say hello to

Looking for the perfect rental near you? Say hello to! Get ready to kiss those endless searches goodbye because this game-changer is launching soon! πŸš€ Finding your dream rental has never been easier. Stay tuned! πŸ’₯

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Say goodbye to boring logos

Want to make your brand sparkle like a diamond? Check out! It's a smokin' hot logo generator that'll have you slayin' the design game. Say goodbye to boring logos, and hello to jaw-dropping creations!

InstantLogo profile image launch in a month

We have scheduled a launch for November 2023, and we are counting down from now. Please stay tuned for more updates 😘

Hello World!

Here begins another personal project of mine! I decided to put my own spin on cloud based logging solutions with a simple no-frills solution. I just want it to be as simple and fast as possible with minimal configuration required to get it to work. Features are: - High speed. Sign up -> API Key -> Send logs - No frills. It organizes logs and that's it. I want it to be simple, fast, and very very good at what it does. - Bucket Style. Each project has buckets to organize logs efficiently. Buckets created automatically as logs are streamed - Share with friends. Permissions on a project / bucket level with fully user defined roles - Simple, extensible API. No client package for your language? Send logs directly to API, or build your own with ease! - Host your own. Have sensitive log info? Deploy your own instance and logs never leave your server. Open to suggestions and features!

About the idea

Hi πŸ‘‹ Recently, a friend of mine got into CSS. After helping and advising her through Whatsapp, I had the idea of creating a CSS "hotline": a chat where you can ask for help with your HTML/CSS code. With CSS Reparo, you can contact a developer (me) through a simple chat and ask him : - help to fix a bug in your project - to develop of a HTML/CSS feature - ask questions about web development in general - talk to him by videoconference Today, there are AI tools everywhere, and it is very practical. But I think that being able to ask for help from a human is also very important. That's what I'm trying to highlight with this product. Hope you will enjoy it !

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SMS Rules Change, Struggling to find a solution

In order to stop spam and scammers rules are changing how we can SMS. We use SMS to send a link to a review page, and now we cannot use it. So frustrating!

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New AI Powered Trip Suggestions

Plan harmony now pulls suggestions for experiences and activities based on your trip details!

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Updated the landing page!

Just a couple of tweaks to the landing page

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Two months dev to create SSR for React SEO

So React has many benefits, but SEO is not one. We have been fighting with improving our SEO abilities, and tonight we have finally built our own system that generates server-side-rendering (SSR) and the server distinguishes between real and bot traffic. If real, welcome to our site ... if a bot, routes to the HTML pages for SEO benefits. We were running about 32 for SEO score and today 98/100! What makes this even more exciting, is we built this system with Firebase and Functions! Anyway, joy joy joy today, for tomorrow we shall again dev! #sendmea #reactssr

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Added 3 subscriptions

I am looking for my first 25 subscriptions. I want to make this project a full time job for my wife.

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Re-facturing the egine

I am changing the API to make writing in real-time.

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Link me

Found this website, sharing the link to see if anyone follows it

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Invite all of you makers to use our product

Hey all, Inviting all makers to use cadrelo for your project. It's absolutely free for teams up to 5. It'll help you organise goals, work with outsourced help and get everyone moving in the same direction. Would love to hear your feedback.

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Launched the blog

Launched the blog!

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After months of hard work behind the scenes we've finally pushed our app update

This has been some of the most challenging and difficult period for our small SaaS. We've made some massive changes to how our application works based on user feedback and what we think is the right thing to do. Essentially we've made some pretty big bets on focusing on the nuts and bolts of productivity and making that super transparent, scalable and simple. This means that our focus on the softer aspects of teamwork has taken a bit of a back seat. The changes we've made mean that we've focused on: πŸ†Goals, πŸ™ŒTeams, and ⏱️Effort tracking. I'd be super happy to have any teams jump on and give us shot. We support a bunch of teams all over the globe, but we're always looking for more feedback! You can read about it here: Watch a few videos that show it here:

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Short Form Video Tool in Beta

We are always trying to innovate and make the job of gathering social proof for our users easier ... we now have a short form video tool in beta and it seems to be a hit! That a video review, and in moment create a short form video ready for TikTok or YouTube. It has been a great challenge, one well worth the time I feel.

Bug fix!

Just fixed a bug where the Join modules conditions were hidden! Sometimes I look at my old code and wonder why I ever did it like that

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The problem with webhooks!

The Problem: Having to add console logs and deploy to see what data is transmitted to your webhooks. Solution: UI with a log of all the data sent to your app πŸ€“ Do you have this problem? Fill this form:

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Added ability for users to upload gifs!

Gotta love a one-line feature that greatly improves QoL

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New section on the landing page

Proud of this new section, It really illustrates what is hookpass: