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Hi everybody! I feel, good here :)

MVP Complete, Private Beta Begins!

After a few months of work, the MVP version was completed and private beta testing has begun. Here is a screenshot of what the project dashboard looks like from a real life use-case (one of my other projects) with some sensitive information redacted. We are currently in the works of: - Squashing some UI bugs - Improving the signup flow - Adding ability to receive email notifications if one of your buckets goes over a certain number of unread logs - Increasing account security (2FA and email recovery) - Improving app responsiveness Team collaboration will come in a future update after the initial version is released to the public. We are so close to a public release and are absolutely thrilled to be able to bring this out to y'all! We are slowly expanding invites for the beta program so send me an email at rahul_rao [at] if you are interested in being a beta tester, or are otherwise interested. The first 20 testers will receive lifetime Pro plan access for entirely free!

Prototype done.

Well, I guess my logic is done... Kinda... Basic scenarios Now I guess I'll go for an MVP. Or maybe... I'll play around and build a continuous deployment in Github Pages and start writing tests on playwright. Gotta admit, writing unit tests for functions first made the prototype much easier.

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After 30 days results

Notion Boosted's results for the last 30 days are not so bad ๐Ÿ˜Œ

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Chore task complete

Create a video for "2023 Web Design Highlights"

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Fresh Launch

Freshly launched the channel with a video recapping the biggest web design events in 2023

Chat with Mai - improvements

Slowly but surely improving chat experience with Mai - added delays before AI reply which gives you time to send another message, Mai will wait if you started typing. Indication of typing also feels like chat with real person. So far I do really like how immersive it is. In some cases it really doesn't feel like chatting with AI, and that's exactly what I'm trying to achieve.

New 1.6.1 Release

Finally submitted new version of the application for a review. Main changes are - improved animations, automatic weather info attachment to diary entries and ability to disable email notifications

Mobile app tech choice

Did some experiments today regarding mobile app tech, tried Ionic Framework and React Native. Latter one felt better and easier to get started, but Ionic has some great UI components out of the box, which should increase speed by much. Although I'm still so afraid to take cross-platform solution.. My intuition tells me to go with native approach, but I'm not sure I will be able to be "full-full-stack" with backend + web app + android native + ios native on me, that sounds like too much.

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Delayed in shipping

With Christmas fast approaching, I realized that my house-for-rent website is still not ready! I'm moving my resolution from 2023 to 2024 quietly...

Chat with Mai - planning phase

Chat rooms are working pretty stable now. And while we wait for design update - I'm switching to working on "ai-therapy session", basically the ultimate goal is to make experience as close as possible to therapy session with human-therapist, but in form of chat.

More small improvements in chat

More chat room improvements - on page load set focus to the input field. Send message when "Enter" is pressed. Return focus to input field when message when message is sent.

Stability is great so far

Overall application is pretty stable and I use it daily. Working on paid features, but they also require a lot of additional content. Apart from content I need to figure out what to do with payment providers, I don't want to register company for this app, but looks like I have to in order to accept payments.

Chat - someone is typing

Added new feature for the group chats to see when someone is typing. Real time chats are pretty expensive in terms of resources, so I had to update php-fpm config to handle more connections as well. Design for chat page is not ready yet, but in progress.

Email Templates

Trying to design email templates. Unfortunately it's far from easy given that on mobile it's displayed very differently, even to the point where some elements like buttons are centralized on desktop, but moved to the left on mobile devices.

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Say hello to

Looking for the perfect rental near you? Say hello to! Get ready to kiss those endless searches goodbye because this game-changer is launching soon! ๐Ÿš€ Finding your dream rental has never been easier. Stay tuned! ๐Ÿ’ฅ

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Say goodbye to boring logos

Want to make your brand sparkle like a diamond? Check out! It's a smokin' hot logo generator that'll have you slayin' the design game. Say goodbye to boring logos, and hello to jaw-dropping creations!

InstantLogo profile image launch in a month

We have scheduled a launch for November 2023, and we are counting down from now. Please stay tuned for more updates ๐Ÿ˜˜

Hello World!

Here begins another personal project of mine! I decided to put my own spin on cloud based logging solutions with a simple no-frills solution. I just want it to be as simple and fast as possible with minimal configuration required to get it to work. Features are: - High speed. Sign up -> API Key -> Send logs - No frills. It organizes logs and that's it. I want it to be simple, fast, and very very good at what it does. - Bucket Style. Each project has buckets to organize logs efficiently. Buckets created automatically as logs are streamed - Share with friends. Permissions on a project / bucket level with fully user defined roles - Simple, extensible API. No client package for your language? Send logs directly to API, or build your own with ease! - Host your own. Have sensitive log info? Deploy your own instance and logs never leave your server. Open to suggestions and features!

About the idea

Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ Recently, a friend of mine got into CSS. After helping and advising her through Whatsapp, I had the idea of creating a CSS "hotline": a chat where you can ask for help with your HTML/CSS code. With CSS Reparo, you can contact a developer (me) through a simple chat and ask him : - help to fix a bug in your project - to develop of a HTML/CSS feature - ask questions about web development in general - talk to him by videoconference Today, there are AI tools everywhere, and it is very practical. But I think that being able to ask for help from a human is also very important. That's what I'm trying to highlight with this product. Hope you will enjoy it !