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Digging through UX and usage stats

So we've looked at the user patterns and behavior on platform and usage. It's become really clear that our platform needs a single hook and spearhead from which everything starts. As a result, we're doing massive updates to how our "Daily Sync" experience works. It's meant to feel snappy, and quick and informs your team of what you're working on, where you might need help, or what discussions you'd like to have. The other parts of our toolbox need more onboarding so we're reworking how they're introduced to teams and how they're presented or their use is encouraged. We've also been addressing our messaging. Our key offering is about lightweight productivity tools that are wrapped into community building or engagement rituals that help the team become more effective. In other words: Productivity 🧰 + Engagement❀️‍πŸ”₯ = Performance Amplified ⚑ The expanded version of that: We believe that performance and engagement are symbiotic and we are building a single space orchestrated by a virtual culture champion where performance happens and teams feel emotionally invested.

[world map] More LoD implementation

Different apps render font-embedded SVGs with different limits. We previously introduced level-of-details rendering, to preserve details for smaller locations, while large countries still stays within limits. That turned out to be insufficient, and we added one more LoD and brought not only the *number* of features, but also the *quality* of feature under control. The easiest thing to see this effect is the Parana river running along Argentina. Let's hope this makes it work across all macOS/Adobe apps!

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150 makers on madepublic! now has 150 makers on the platform! Having only released into beta one month ago I'm thrilled with how people are using and enjoying the platform. This just goes to show you that building in public works!

Placeholder explanation video To prepare for the meeting with a copywriter, I made an unpolished video explaining the project. Look forward to replacing this placeholder video with something legit!

Wrote an article and posted it on Reddit

I've been considering what I really excel at, and I think I'm really good at landing in a new place and making immediate connections. So I wrote a bit about my process, I ended up writing so much that I realized I could break it into two articles. We'll see if it leads to something, I didn't explicitly link to my business or mention anything to do with my app. I plan to turn it into a blog/series of IG reels!

[world map] Zoom-dependent details & labels

We completed a collection of maps with two related enhancements. These new maps are zoom-aware, showing different level of details and labels. Looks awesome. However, the larger files bump up against what different applications would render; since we work with the least common factor (surprisingly this was with Adobe font rendering) we'll need to do more selective trimming.

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Donut charts!

This has been a great week, I got to partner with a local university to take on an intern. They have onboarded SO quickly and their first feature is already released! Donut charts! Great for showcasing breakdowns of users, costs or anything else you need to report.

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Project promotion

Planning how to incorporate project promotion into the platform. I'm now considering allowing one-time payments for purchasing time slots on the homepage! I'm also going to be building a newsletter and Twitter following that this would also allow promotion on too. What do people think? Would you pay for that? How much would you pay for a week or a month?

Lesson 2 on YouTube

Lesson 2 on YouTube: Again everything will be deleted off YouTube once I have the format and structure correct. Watch for free while you can, will go behind a paywall of $50/mo after.

Version 1.2 released

- Added new way to browse leagues - clicking on the league names opens a popup that shows all available leagues - Added 5 new leagues from Europe - UI tweaks

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It's finally here...

Comments! I've been working on this for the last week or so, refining the design and fixing odd issues in the rendering of the children of each. At first, I wasn't sure if I should just allow single-layer comments and perhaps a single reply by the author, but I figured places like reddit and indiehackers have refined what people want from a commenting system. So it's fully fledged! You can comment on a feed entry and reply to each others! I've also slightly tweaked notifications and added email notifications on comments directly to your feed entries and replies to your comments. I hope you all love it, feel free to comment πŸ˜‰ your thoughts and feedback! πŸ™πŸΌ

Draft version of Lesson 1 on YouTube

Draft version of Lesson 1 on YouTube:

Why we are building toddle

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Lots of cool projects popping up

I'm seeing so many really cool projects popping up on in the last few days - I'm thrilled to see people enjoying the platform as it grows. To all the newbies - make sure you utilise the task list, add your areas and be sure to connect to Twitter if you want to optionally tweet each time you post an entry! Stay tuned for some of the features I'm working on currently including: - Comments - Promoting your project - Challenges to assign to your project to promote accountability - The ability for users to suggest project tweaks and feature requests - So many more

Updated Product Graphics

Designed feature images to use on places like Product Hunt.

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UX Redesign

Well we've been monitoring the usage and feature engagement on Mixpanel...there's a really clear winning feature and others that are getting limited use. We'll be focusing on: - Improving onboarding - Streamlining features - Building in a reminder and re-engagement loop for users

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Optional / Pending Decision

Rolling out now, you can mark events as optional or pending decision. Users can Like/Vote on events which is a great way to make group decisions!

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Working on comments

After being side tracked on some other features, I've finally gotten around to working on comments for madepublic. Check out the very rough initial WIP version - working out the recursion for rendering the comments correctly was a bit iffy but I've cracked it so I can now get going on making it look nice with Tailwinds help

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Updated virtual floorplan

Revamped the floorplan for Indie Creators virtual coworking space. Invite-only launch this week!

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Sharing the love

Thanks to @codestirring for making madepublic. I have just signed up for Cadrelo after seeing it here and also switched to Pirsch Analytics. Both seem like great finds, exciting to see where their projects go!