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    Freshly baked Feature Canvas!


    Hi all, I've launched a Feature Canvas Template. Way too often I see Product Teams proceeding to develop features without a proper amount of evidence and defined aspects! In order to avoid these common mistakes - use Feature Canvas! To celebrate the Launch I'm throwing in 3 additional Notion Templates inside: - User Persona; - Interview Summary; - Eisenhower Priority Matrix; Check it out here! https://myronnotion.gumroad.com/l/feature_canvas Looking forward to your feedback!

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Feature Canvas - Notion Template!'s Motivation

Feature Canvas is a tool that helps you visualize, prioritize, and communicate the insights behind the features in a clear and concise way. The purpose of using Feature Canvas is to create a shared understanding among stakeholders about what features have been selected for development and the reasoning & data behind them. Another benefit of using Feature Canvas is that it helps you prioritize features based on their value and feasibility. You can identify which features are critical to the success of the product and which ones can be deprioritized or even removed. Finally, Feature Canvas encourages collaboration and iterative development. As you gather feedback and new insights, you can update the canvas to reflect changes in the product and its features. If you're a Product Manager looking to improve your product development process, try using Feature Canvas.

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