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Social Media Tasks Automation

A set of useful and automated tasks/workflows to help you grow your audience

By @ceednee

AI Alfred

Summarize your articles in seconds using AI
By @the_omega_studio
71 impressions
1 entries
3 visits


Simple, hands-on experimental optimization
By @phinance99

Sweet Talk

Your AI-powered dating assistant
By @codestirring
248 impressions
3 entries
19 visits


Talent intelligence platform powered by AI
By @erikfiala
35 impressions
0 entries
17 visits


๐Ÿค– Create AI-generated illustrations for your next project. ๐Ÿฆ„
By @M4thias

Stylized is the virtual product photography studio for ecommerce sellers
By @kumquatexpress
32 impressions
0 entries
10 visits

AI-driven Digital Marketing Sandbox
By @florian
13 impressions
0 entries
2 visits


Tools for text processing, gear towards Students and Business Analysts
By @levensworth
1 impressions
0 entries
1 visits

Enterprise Search and Automation for Customer Experience teams
By @titansaurabh

Code Snippets AI

ChatGPT Powered Code Snippets Library with VSCode Extension
By @stefcodes
61 impressions
1 entries
22 visits

Backend Tools

AI tool for backend: Fix query issues & optimize for better performance.
By @andrepelealu
57 impressions
3 entries
1 visits


The AI assistant with personality
By @sam
7 impressions
0 entries
2 visits


Generate bespoke, weekly meal plans for your nutrition goals with the power of AI
By @codestirring
68 impressions
1 entries
9 visits


AI Generated Workouts Plans
By @JFann