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    Here begins another personal project of mine! I decided to put my own spin on cloud based logging solutions with a simple no-frills solution. I just want it to be as simple and fast as possible with minimal configuration required to get it to work. Features are: - High speed. Sign up -> API Key -> Send logs - No frills. It organizes logs and that's it. I want it to be simple, fast, and very very good at what it does. - Bucket Style. Each project has buckets to organize logs efficiently. Buckets created automatically as logs are streamed - Share with friends. Permissions on a project / bucket level with fully user defined roles - Simple, extensible API. No client package for your language? Send logs directly to API, or build your own with ease! - Host your own. Have sensitive log info? Deploy your own instance and logs never leave your server. Open to suggestions and features!

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I work on a few projects in my spare time and some of these projects have grown to become quite big. These projects usually have a lot of smaller services in them with some hosted on my own server and some being hosted in the cloud. Checking the logs for these have become painful, especially when my friend wants to check logs for all services at a glance. I looked online for a solution but did not find something that fit my needs. I didn't want anything fancy. No graphs, charts or any of that. I just wanted to sign up, add a project, get an API key and stream logs to it with a simple replacement to console.log. I also wanted it to have buckets like AWS does, and I wanted these buckets to be created and updated automatically when logs are streamed to them without needing to log into the GUI and make changes. So, I decided to build my own and here we are! I have a very early prototype that is barely functional and not an MVP yet but it should be ready for beta testing in a few weeks (its really really simple under the hood).

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