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Plan Harmony

Collaborative Trip Planning Tool
By @mikeluby
1188 impressions
25 entries
67 visits


An easy-to-use platform for collaboratively creating and sharing links, notes, and more.
By @capten_masin
58 impressions
0 entries
11 visits

Make remote work productive & fun!
By @MacZietek
46 impressions
2 entries
16 visits

Indie Creators Space

Virtual co-working community for solo creators
By @Kiel at Run Write Play
551 impressions
9 entries
19 visits


Cadrelo is a #hrtech platform that helps teams align, connect and supercharge success.
By @Firebeard
520 impressions
15 entries
21 visits


A private note taker with focus on speed and design
By @rajat

File Approved

The quickest and easiest way to get files approved.
By @vannventures


Screenshots and mockups in no time
By @rishi

Product Management Templates

Simple and easy-to-use product management and mental models templates
By @Goutham


A wearable + mobile app that helps you align your time with your goals.
By @Jord4n


Create checklists you can share with anyone
By @rockmann
34 impressions
0 entries
7 visits

Mongo IP Updater

This extension will help you to update your IP address in the access list with just one click.
By @aashutosh
25 impressions
0 entries
0 visits

Feature Delivery Checklist - Notion Template

Checklist designed to help Product Development teams launch their features!
By @Myron_Notion
37 impressions
1 entries
3 visits

Code Snippets AI

ChatGPT Powered Code Snippets Library with VSCode Extension
By @stefcodes
75 impressions
1 entries
23 visits


The AI assistant with personality
By @sam
15 impressions
0 entries
2 visits

Lexington Themes

Web templates and UI Kits beautifully crafted with Astro.js, and Tailwind CSS
By @mike_andreuzza