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The best platform for Indiehackers to build publicly and share their journey
By @codestirring
11682 impressions
48 entries
110 visits


An app that teaches you piano scales and tracks your progress
By @tochwill
965 impressions
9 entries
65 visits

nice ice

Gather feedback from your users with one line of code
By @codestirring
628 impressions
0 entries
153 visits


An interactive story platform for business
By @hiro
67 impressions
0 entries
30 visits


Receive newsletters and turn them into RSS feeds.
By @wei


Way to help bootcampers find their first jobs
By @dk03
54 impressions
0 entries
13 visits

Sweet Talk

Your AI-powered dating assistant
By @codestirring
317 impressions
3 entries
27 visits


Read books you already love in the language you're learning!
By @dk03


Turn your Podcast episodes into a premium reading experience.
By @cblavier
91 impressions
2 entries
13 visits

Invoicing solution tailored for French companies
By @nicolaskempfconciergerie
377 impressions
1 entries
9 visits


Generate bespoke, weekly meal plans for your nutrition goals with the power of AI
By @codestirring
288 impressions
1 entries
17 visits

Tiny Tales

AI Generated Childrens Audio & Text Stories
By @codestirring

Swiss ERP Search Engine

A search engine to index ERPs that have APIs to do so
By @rmse
23 impressions
0 entries
1 visits


End to End Software Deployment Platform
By @zacksiri