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Pirsch Analytics

Simple, cookie-free, and open-source web analytics solution
By @danielschramm
415 impressions
1 entries
43 visits


An easy-to-use platform for collaboratively creating and sharing links, notes, and more.
By @capten_masin
58 impressions
0 entries
11 visits


Cadrelo is a #hrtech platform that helps teams align, connect and supercharge success.
By @Firebeard
520 impressions
15 entries
21 visits


The personal finance simulator you've been waiting for.
By @knolan
196 impressions
1 entries
25 visits


Effortlessly integrate reliable webhooks into your application
By @hookpass
439 impressions
15 entries
11 visits


Simple yet powerful event tracking analytics solution for SaaS businesses
By @nwby


AI note summary, recorder, & transcriber for Zoom, Teams, Gmeet meetings
By @haita

Stonk Journal

Online trading journal that focuses on quick and easy journal entry experience.
By @yevv


AdvisoryCXO: Guiding scale-ups in online business with a focus on product & tech.
By @AdvisoryCXO

Mai by Mindai Ltd.

Mental-health focused micro-communities with access to ai & human therapists
By @svbackend
40 impressions
6 entries
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Transforming construction with tech! Capture, manage, and resolve building defects effortlessly.
By @Firebeard